Who We Are

Women Lead Network is a collective of women who work to ensure that women’s needs are central in discussions about world problems and that they are engaged as leaders as solutions to those problems.

To be a collective means that we engage our work without hierarchy. We all bring important skills and experiences and have diverse backgrounds, all of which are equally important and equally valid. This also means that we acknowledge that while we have agreed to engage in working together to centralize women’s experiences, amplify women’s voices, facilitate women’s access and promote women’s leadership we don’t see ourselves as the experts in other women’s lives.

What we mean by “women”: We acknowledge that identity is personal and political, so it’s important for us to share what we mean when we talk about women. To us, the identity of woman is self-acclaimed and can include all who define themselves as women, as well as other birthing and menstruating people

Our Work

Our work is built on the work of other women leaders in past generations and around the world. We see you and hold you and lift you up. While we are a diverse group, we know that our experiences aren’t reflective of all women’s experiences and so we make a commitment to always look outward while we look inward.

We focus our work in 4 primary areas.


  1. Centralize Women’s Experiences: We will always look to understand the ways in which social, economic and political issues will impact women’s lives. While we understand that there are many ways that people are harmed in this White Supremacist, Patriarchal, Class Elite society our focus will always be on finding the specific impacts on women.
  2. Amplify Women’s Voices: We know that women’s voices are critical to the global discussion on understanding social justice and implementing it. We also know that we are only a small group of women whose experiences are housed within our own social identities. So we will work towards amplifying the voices of women. Whether that’s in addressing their needs or highlighting their solutions. Our work is to amplify women’s work.
  3. Facilitate Women’s Access: We come to this collective bringing with us our professional, cultural and societal communities. We understand that the only way that women’s experiences change is through the infiltration of women, with a range of background and experiences, into arena’s of power whether they are academic, political, cultural or social. We work towards ensuring that we open doors and facilitate access to the places where real change can occur.
  4. Promote Women’s Leadership: Women are leading in every aspect of society. Women are leaders in political arenas, family systems, community groups and throughout society. We believe that the only way that the experiences of women can fundamentally change is if there is a change in leadership at every societal level…and that requires women. We will look for and uplift women leaders at all levels as they are changing their own communities and societies for the better.